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If you’re looking for a passive managed investment our Boco Real Estate Fund I delivers safe and secure lifetime annuity returns to investors, fully backed by real estate.

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The First Residential Ground Lease Communities

how we do it

Our Boco Real Estate Fund I invests in real estate development projects in Boulder County and Northern Colorado. We do so by acquiring and entitling land for development that we contribute to a joint venture partnership with top local home builders. 

Developers build new homes on our land and then sell the homes, together with our long-term residential ground lease, to homebuyers. The ground lease is for 99-years, with a right of renewal, and is accepted by mortgage lenders as security for the granting of a mortgage loan. 

Homeowners pay a monthly mortgage to the lender and pay us a monthly ground rent to lease the land. We collect the ground rent and share it with our investors and developer partner. 

Investors receive a return on investment for the life of the lease (99 years plus) thereby creating a lifetime of annuity income that increases with appreciation in land value, can be sold at any time or passed on by their estate.

Developers benefit by getting the land for free and are able to sell the homes without the cost of the land. 

Homeowners benefit by buying their home below market rate and paying less per month than with a traditional home mortgage.

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Boco Investment Fund I:


Investor FAQ

We acquire and entitle land suitable for residential real estate development. We then partner with real estate developers to develop new single-family and multi-family home communities.

Our investment company retains ownership of the land.

A ground lease is a real estate lease where a homeowner owns the building on land owned by a landowner and leases the land from the landowner in return for payment of ground rent. The term of the lease is usually 99-years and upon termination or non-renewal the improvements on the land usually become the property of the landowner.

The Safe Ground Lease is our proprietary residential ground lease that provides homeowners with a safe, secure and certain ground lease for the land upon which their home is built. The ground lease is for a 99-year term, with a right of renewal, and fixes the amount of ground rent at an agreed rate for as long as the homeowner owns the home. 

Investment proceeds are deployed directly into the acquisition and legal entitlement of land suitable for development.

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Securities law requires us to limit offers to accredited investors and to provide full details and disclosures in a registered investment offering.