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Capital Solutions

Better capital and life-long returns for developers of single and multi-family housing projects.

Better Capital

the right capital

Our capital solution addresses the part of the capital structure that is the most difficult to fund – the acquisition and entitlement of land. 

By keeping land off balance sheet, developers are able to reduce capital expenditure, eliminate holding costs and reallocate funds.

It all shows up where it counts most … on the bottom line.

Better Sales

better sales velocity

By eliminating the cost of land, developers are able to pass on the savings to deliver a better priced product. Lower prices attract more buyers and provide a competitive sales advantage over similar housing products.  

Better Revenue

unlock lifetime revenue

What developers lose in land subdivision margins they more than recover in perpetual annuity revenue earned long after the product sale. By retaining the land and sharing the ground rent with our developer partners, we’re able to deliver a new income stream without the limitations and sunk capital associated with holding a rental portfolio. 

Developers realize return of capital and profit from the sale of each home while retaining lifetime annuity income from a share of ground rent. The developer has no sunk capital and no responsibility to property management operation or overhead.

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